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We constantly maintain the highest standards

Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Stefanie Shore. Dr. Shore practices all aspects of dentistry, specializing in Preventive, restorative and esthetic dentistry.

Through the utilization of our well-experienced and educated staff, clean and modern facilities, and cutting-edge dental technology, we are able to provide each patient with the highest quality dental treatments. Beyond addressing your dental needs, Dr. Shore and the staff at our Practice are here to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Dr. Shore has a passion for dentistry and helping people. Throughout your relationship with our Practice, Dr. Shore will be here to listen to your concerns, understand your wants, and work for your good dental health and beautiful smile.

Your relationship with our Practice begins when you first reach out to us. If your initial needs are non-urgent, we will setup a friendly new patient appointment with Dr. Shore. This appointment will provide us the opportunity to understand you and your dental goals. These goals often fall in one of the following categories:

  • Prevention: To ensure your long-term dental health, regular cleanings, specialized dental treatments, and oral hygiene education a necessary.
  • Restorative: Dental restoration involves any number of treatments that work to correct problems or imperfections with your teeth or mouth that could negatively impact your health or quality of life.
  • Esthetic/Cosmetic: Imperfections in a smile can reduce self-esteem and make someone resistant to laughing and smiling in front of others. Cosmetic dentistry involves correcting those concerns that impact the beauty of your smile.

When you have chosen Dr. Shore as your dentist, you are entering into a lasting relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Our Practice is here to ensure that you have a great smile for life.

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CEREC: Modern Dentistry for Our Patients

Our Practice pursues the latest stable technologies in dental health. The CEREC is a highly evolved 3-D modeling and composite manufacturing system that is available for patients in need of new or replacement crowns. The system allows for a crown to be created during a single visit without multiple appointments, providing quick and efficient treatment.

The latest tested technologies for dental health are available at our Practice. In combination with our team of skilled and personable dental professionals, the highest quality dental care will be received by our patients.

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Schedule time with Dr. Shore and staff to ensure healthy teeth and gums